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Potentially, this may lead to the deviant and antisocial behavior of teenage offender who can become juvenile offenders or sociopath because of the systematic use of dating violence. In any marriage or relationship where there is unequal distribution of responsibility, there is a high probability of violence.

Early exposure to substance and alcohol abuse in the home may lead to an earlier instance of drug and alcohol abuse. They therefore try to revenge in a manner that their partners will feel and appreciate their manhood.

Poverty is another major cause of teenage dating violence. Teenagers are known to be influenced by their peers and therefore they are afraid of losing respect and friends.

Teen Dating Violence

These cases are very traumatizing and facilitates very much to their response to this mater. In such a situation, the experience teenagers acquire in their adolescence influences consistently their relationships with their partners and spouses in the adult life. Moreover, teenagers can learn basics of conflict management and prevention that will help them to avoid the teenage dating violence. The other partner might not be in a position to accept or adapt to these changes in status and living standards. However, the more frequent are cases of violence, the more aggressive teenagers become because they believe that violent and aggressive behavior is a norm.

This is because of the higher degree of availability and potential lack of parental involvement. In such situation some people are left with no other option other than to revenge through violence. National Criminal Justice Reference Source. Some people find it hard to appreciate one another such cases and sees the failure to fulfill this promises as betrayal. As a result, they mix up the real and fictional life.

Domestic abuse Domestic violence Teen dating violence is widespread with serious long-term and short-term effects. At this point, it is possible to speak about the cultural cause of family violence which may accompanied by the use of alcohol.

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It focuses on the definition, historical foundation and societal intervention on teenage dating violence. Many people perceive teenage dating as premature and an act that can lead to premature sex, which has other far reaching consequences. Victims of teenage dating violence should be treated fairly and with love. On the other hand, offenders may grow more and more aggressive and violent in their behavior, online dating message short profile if they succeed in dating violence.

This is because at this age, boys and girls are introducing themselves to intimacy. Lack of self control can result to unnecessary violence. This involves making strong personal decisions on whom to engage with, avoiding unnecessary influence and choosing your meeting places. In fact, violence should become abnormal instead of a norm as it frequently is.

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Such measures include a cell phone number which can be conducted incase of this tragedy. In fact, it is impossible to tackle any problem, especially such a serious one as the teenage dating violence, till its major causes remain unresolved.

Teenage Dating Violence Essay

The mutual efforts of parents and educators should lead to the formation of a deep-rooted belief in teenagers that violence is not acceptable for their behavior and relationships with their peers. In addition teen dating violence can lead to suicide risky sexual behaviors.

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