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Seriously though, enough puns. Now any man who can manage that has won any girls heart. Knowing when to kick or run, pass or dummy, scrum or penalty means these guys have razor sharp minds. In my world that is never a bad thing.

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So ditch the rice cakes and celery and stock up on some decent grub. Ever struggled to reach the spices on the top of the rack? They like to sing, have a laugh and just be generally stupid.

With the Autumn Internationals well underway, Date an Athlete presents the hilarious and often overlooked reasons why these ruffians are so dateable. Rugby clubs are like a big community, you know you have a guy who might be a bit macho, aitareya brahmana online dating but deffo cares about the people around him.

Intelligence Under Pressure There are more rules in rugby than in almost any other field sport so it takes a lot of brain power to play. Fingers crossed that the crisis is rugby related. They are strong and physically fit Athletic, strong and fit guys are always useful, not only to gawp at.

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We adore those peachy bums in shorts on the pitch, and now you have your very own to admire and pinch at your leisure! Need we say much more on this one ladies. They are the first and original so join them too! Never fear, your date can lift you up like Simba on Pride Rock to reach those dizzying heights.

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Ever found yourself craning your neck at a gig to see the act over towering shoulders? So you can quite worrying about your own as his will always draw the attention! They are however impossible to hurt. Just good chat and fun times will be enough to keep him interested and coming back for more. They break their nose they play on.